Following our steps to collect as much information as we can identify in the public domain, as well as gathering information from numerous company representatives impacted by travel policies designed to limit the exposure of any individual or groups to undue risk, we have made a decision to reschedule all events scheduled for the week of March 30 in New York, which include:

  • World’s Most Ethical Companies Gala (March 31)
  • Global Ethics Summit (April 1-2)
  • Annual BELA Dinner (April 1)

As an organization that measures and codifies leading practices, with ethical decision-making often going above and beyond what is required, we feel the need to hold ourselves to the highest standard and take steps that, while not driven by any directive, prioritize the health and safety for our diverse range of stakeholders.

These events have also long-benefited from a tradition of tremendous interpersonal connectivity, and we anticipate that this level of connectivity may be strained under the weight of current risks and impressions, no matter how real or perceived. As we cannot guarantee the quality of this level of experience, and with nothing but your best interests in mind, we will seek a more appropriate time to re-introduce these incomparable events, and do so without compromise.

We have hundreds of professionals to thank for the commitments they have made to join us in New York for well-earned recognition, shared knowledge, and peer-to-peer support. The generosity and leadership you demonstrate each year humbles us. It also inspires us each day to be partners in this effort with you to pursue integrity advancements all over the world, which could not be more relevant than it is now.

Given this update we anticipate a few immediate questions:

Will you be re-scheduling the Gala and/or Summit for a date later in this year?

Yes. Our most pressing goal is to identify a workable set of dates where we can reconvene most, if not all, of the impressive minds and organizations previously scheduled to join us. Nothing would make us happier than to achieve this within the calendar year.  We are working on alternatives right now and will reach out directly once we have identified the most viable opportunity. 

Have you considered introducing any virtual programs to replace the live-event experience?

Yes. While we do not believe we can completely re-create these experience in other formats, we do think keeping some of the topics and company recognition in the community consciousness is imperative. Videos, podcasts, interviews, and other associated content are all being considered. We will be working on a plan with faculty and partners to ensure that we can continue to bridge the gap of time and information because we know you rely upon it.

If I already submitted payment for any of the events in New York, how will you be handling those funds?

For anyone impacted, we offer two options: 1) extending any current payments in the form of a credit towards these future assemblies, or 2) a complete refund of your fees. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to explore the option of greatest ease for you.

While we make this decision with confidence, we have heavy hearts about it. Our apologies to all those who are inconvenienced. Thanks to all for the patience, understanding, guidance, and kindness you have each demonstrated over these last few weeks. We have the privilege of working with one of the most impactful and forward-thinking communities anywhere on the planet. The support we have in you and you have in one another is unmatched.

With wishes for your good health and, as always, you have our utmost respect,

The Ethisphere Team