Application Process


The Survey

Review the Ethics Quotient® (EQ) Survey, collect responses from appropriate parties, and submit online.

The Survey should be completed by one or more authorized individuals with a working knowledge of the company’s program and initiatives in the areas of ethics and compliance, corporate governance, and corporate citizenship, and responsibility. Download the survey to review and begin gathering responses below.

Documentation Guidelines

Review the Guidance on Supporting Documentation, gather docs, and submit them via the online portal.

The Guidance on Supporting Documentation provides direction on the supplemental information you will need to provide to support your company’s application and how to submit it. Our review of this information is a critical component of the evaluation process.


Processing Fee

The fee helps to partially cover the administrative costs of gathering and analyzing the data for each applicant. It must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.


Benchmark Scores

All applicants will receive their overall score and scores in all five categories compared against the 2021 honorees.

Scores will be available in April 2021.